Benefits of Network Distribution

  • The Network Distribution is one of today's most promising opportunities. It allows individual to launch an independent business and have immediate access to a network of products, services, and benefits.
  • The business Network eliminates middlemen and results in a streamlined system that can provide you with a profitable, yet personal independent business.
  • The decision is yours on whether you want to build a full time business or just supplement your income, the Network Distribution concept provides a flexible, proven way to increase and diversify your income and achieve your goals. In fact, millions of people around the world are doing just that!
  • Easy and requires very little capital to start and operate.
  • Work part time or full time, as much or as little as you like.
  • No necessary experience or educational requirements block your path - commitment is all you need.
  • A diverse line of products and services gives you access to an extraordinary array of consumer items as well as to markets previously out of reach of small businesses.
  • Toll - free ordering of merchandise can mean added and convenient business volume for you.
  • Support materials and training help increase your expertise.
  • No territories means your business can grow as large as you desire.
  • Free national advertising promotes your business.
  • International markets allow you to expand worldwide.
  • Your business can be inherited so your dependents and heirs can continue your efforts as well.
  • Contact IDA to become a Network Distributor !
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